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July 2, 1974 - February 26, 2021

Life of A Dreamer

It wasn’t until I got much older that I began to realize and accept the notion that everything happens for a reason. Maybe my hardships were really lessons, or even valuable study guides in human survival and perseverance. Just maybe I was being shaped, molded, and developed for a specific purpose. Somewhere along the way I began to realize that my personal experiences had in fact given me a unique voice, filled with compassion and understanding.


July 2, 1974 - February 26, 2021


In the name of Allah, most Gracious, most Merciful

We mournfully announce the passing of Hassan Abdullah Beyah, 46, of Woodbridge, VA.

Hassan passed away on February 26, 2021.

Hassan, son of  Ameenah K. Beyah and Henry Bowe, was born on July 2, 1974 in Brooklyn, NY. After graduating from Boys and Girls High School in 1992, he followed a passion to serve his country in the United States Marine Corps from 1994 – 2000. He completed two tours at American Embassies in Lagos, Nigeria and London, UK. It was during time spent serving his country where he found his calling and purpose. Of his military service, Hassan shared While in Nigeria assigned to the American Embassy in Lagos, I had the opportunity to view the world from a whole different perspective.  I often volunteered during my off duty time at a local orphanage where I came into contact with young lives devastated by civil war, malnutrition, lack of adequate healthcare, AIDS, etc. Somewhere along the way, I began to realize that my personal experiences had in fact given me a unique voice, filled with compassion and understanding for the needy and downtrodden. I knew then that my struggle was only a test and that my experience was only a beginning down a long road struggling for the rights of the disadvantaged. I want to live a life dedicated and committed to public interest, fighting for basic human rights at home and abroad.

Once Hassan was honorably discharged from the US Marine Corps in 2000, he obtained his undergraduate degree in Criminal Justice at John Jay College in NY. Hassan was a lifelong learner and seeker of knowledge - he pursued further advanced studies in English and education. Hassan taught middle school English for several years in North Carolina and Texas and was described as a devoted, enthusiastic educator. He also taught ESL and boxing to youth in Juarez, Mexico. When not teaching, you could always find Hassan making art to inspire the world: behind a camera - capturing the beauty of others, writing poems and short stories, and singing many of his own original songs.


Hassan lived a full and vibrant life with more family and friends than you could count. He was earnest in his quest to nurture family ties and the bonds of love, warmth and understanding with all he knew.  Hassan will be remembered fondly for his generosity, sincerity, wide smile and warm, piercing, soulful brown eyes, infectious laughter,  creative and bold sense of style; as a dreamer, passionate humanitarian, soul-searcher, world traveler, and lover of music and art.

Hassan is survived by his mother Queen Ameenah K. Beyah, his siblings: Raymond McCoy, Nicole Mitchell, Henry Jones, Mahasin K. Beyah, Asya Mu’Min Miller [husband Michael Miller], Kameelah Mu’Min Rashad, Abdur-Rashid Beyah [wife Mey Ibrahim Beyah], Zakiyyah Beyah, and Mustafa A. Id-Deen. His many nephews and nieces meant the world to him - more than words can describe, they include: Raymond McCoy Jr, Raqan McCoy, Tyleek McCoy, Divine McCoy, Anthony McCoy, Raychella McCoy, Nacirema McCoy, Sherese McCoy [Raymond]; Subhannah Beyah, Fatimah Beyah, Naimah Beyah, Ibn-Ayyub Beyah, Melvena Beyah, Mikaylah Beyah [Mahasin]; Laith Mu’Min Moody, Adulvhv Mu’Min-Miller [Asya]; Laila Mu’Min Bell, Bilal Mu’Min Bell, Ismail Mu’Min Rashad [Kameelah], Na’ilah Beyah Blount, Sumaiya Blount, Sharif A. Blount [Zakiyyah]; Zakariya Beyah and Zayd Beyah [Abdur-Rashid];

Mariana Id-Deen and Sincere Id-Deen [Mustafa].

Hassan was also beloved by many Aunts and Uncles: Kenneth "Tricky" Clarke Jr, Henry L. "Junior" Clarke, Wendell "Butchy" Clarke, Dwayne Clarke, Deborah Clarke, John F. "Scooter" Clarke and Anita Clarke.


Hassan lived a sincere life of service to his country and loved ones. We will miss him dearly. May the most High bless Hassan, accept his good deeds, make his grave spacious and grant him the highest ranks of Jannah (paradise). 


Janazah (funeral) services will be held at the Durham Muslim Cemetery in Durham, NC on Saturday March 6, 2021 at 2:00pmEST. There will be a small (socially distant) gathering of immediate family following the burial and will take place at the home (outdoors) of Abdur-Rashid Beyah of Durham, NC. A virtual Memorial Service will be held for family, friends and loved ones on Sunday March 7, 2021 at 10:00amEST.

In lieu of flowers, please consider a donation in Hassan’s honor  to the causes he cared deeply about:

Wounded Warriors Project, Puppies Behind Bars and PTSD Foundation of America.


VIrtual guestbook

Hassan lived a full and vibrant life with more loved ones and friends than you could count. We all have special, fond memories of Hassan, laughing, joking, singing, listening, just being the incredible human we knew him to be. We invite you to share tributes, reflections, your favorite pictures and moments of Hassan in this virtual guestbook and memorial wall here. 

May Hassan's legacy of love, laughter, family, friendship and service, lives on in us.

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