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Rest In Peace

Rest In Peace

Hassan gravestone.jpg

Hassan A. Beyah was laid to rest on Saturday March 6, 2021. He is buried at the Durham Muslim Cemetery in Durham, NC. Please remember Hassan in your prayers.


Durham Muslim Cemetery

Affiliated with Jamaat Ibad Ar Rahman [JIAR] Masjid 

2610 White Oak Avenue

Durham, NC 27707

Hassan A Beyah 1974 - 2021

Remembering the life of Hassan A. Beyah

On Sunday March 7, 2021, we gathered together (virtually) to reflect on Hassan's life.

This video and photo collage is just a snapshot of his beauty. 

Background vocals (song - Photograph): Hassan Beyah, featuring sister Asya S. Mu'Min, MD


View the full memorial service here

Access Passcode: +8A4ZrVj

Hassan A Beyah 1974 - 2021

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